Daniel Ioffe is a Canadian actor, known for portraying Andy on the series, Sense of Japan on NHK World.

He studied at The University of Western Ontario - Huron University College from 2001-2004 with plans to earn a BA in Japanese and Economics, but spent his third year studying abroad in Japan at Kansai Gaikokugo Daigaku. He eventually returned to Canada in 2009 and earned an Hons. BA from York University in 2011.

Durring his stay in Japan, he worked for a company called Shaberitai Inc. in Tokyo from 2005-2009. At some point he landed the role of Andy, an American who has arrived in Japan but is unfamilar with Japanese customs and manners, on the show Sense of Japan, which lasted for 45 episodes.

Currently he is based in Toronto Canada, working as a freelance consultant in digital interactive media.

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