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James Tengan (born in 1958) is a newsanchor, DJ and narrator on NHK World. He can currently been seen as one of the newsanchors on NEWSLINE and also be heard as the narrator for Tokyo Fashion Express as well many other programs in Japan.

Early Life[]

He was born in Los Angeles, Californina in 1958 and lived in Hawaii until he was 20. In 1978, he left University of Hawaii and moved to Japan to study at Sophia University in Tokyo. In 1981, he began to teach basic Mandarin Chinese.

Television Career[]

In 1985, he began his news career as an English language newscaster for JCTV (Japan Cable Television). The following year, he was brought on by NHK as an English language reporter.  In 2001, he became host of "Mini Eikaiwa Tossa no Hitokoto" a program to teach basic English skills on NHK Education.

In Feb. 2009, he began his career at NEWSLINE, covering the evening weekend news. Since 2010, he has continued working the weekday shift. Also in 2009, he became the narrator for Tokyo Fashion Express, a show that covers the latest fashion trends in Japan. In March 2010, he began to narrate the show "Gifuto E Meigen no Seikai" , based off of a book by author and translator, Roger Pulvers that teaches English through famous quotes.

On January 7th 2012, he began to narrate "Angela Aki no SONGBOOK in English", an English language program on NHK Education hosted by Japanese-American singer Angela Aki and Chris Pepler of Tokyo Eye.

Radio Career[]

In 1985, he was hired by NHK Radio to do the English language news broadcast. In 1988, he started to work at J-WAVE in Tokyo. In 1990, he worked on the short lived program "Urihyaa-Tokyo Color Land" on Ryukyu Broadcasting in Okinawa. In 1991, he moved to Okniawa to research tradional arts of Ryukyu, while working in radio stations in the Kansai region, such as Kiss-FM KOBE.

From 1992-1993, he worked at J-WAVE in Okinawa. In 1994 he moved to the Kyushu region and worked at stations such as FM Kumamoto and FM Fukuoka.

In 1995, he spent almost a year working in radio in China and Taiwan. 

From 1997-1999 he worked at FM Yokohama on the show, "Yokohama Fantasia" from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Saturday nights.

In 1998, he was brought on by FM Okinawa. That same year he was in charge of responsible for the structure and appearance of in-flight broadcasting of "Asian Vibration" at Japan Airlines until 2006.

In 2000, he worked at Nagoya City's Radio-I program "Music Metropolis" on Sunday afternoons. In 2003, he started to work the simulcast at FM COCOLO in Osaka until 2007.

In 2002, he worked at LOVE FM in Tokyo on the program "Insight from Tokyo" In 2004, he worked on JFN's "Legacy of Jazz". In 2005 he worked on NHK Radio's "Monoshiri Eigojuku".

Since 2009 he has worked on "Docomo The Voyage" on  J-WAVE.

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