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Kawaii International is a show on NHK World that debuted in 2012. Similar to Tokyo Fashion Express, its focus is on the latest and hottest fashion trends in Japan, but with more emphasis on the "Kawaii" (cute) style.


  • Tokyo Kawaii Trends - Cover the latest in kawaii trends
  • Tokyo Photo Book - Pictures and interviews with local fashion leaders.
  • Kawaii Showoff - Photo contest where fans from around the world send in photos with a theme and a famous Japanese kawaii leader picks the winner.
  • Kawaii Tutorial - Kawaii experts share their techniques to achieve their look
  • Kawaiipedia - Experts give an in-depth look into the history of kawaii
  • Kawaii Around the World - Video clips from kawaii fans around the world


  • Mari Sekine - Host
  • Melody Yoko Reilly - Host
  • Misha Janet - Host
  • Ayumi Katrina - Announcer
  • Masuda Sebastian - Art Director
  • Takuho Asanuma - Computer animation
  • Manabu Nagayama - Music Director
  • Go Sato - Music Programmer

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