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Meet and Speak is a program on NHK World that teaches viewers Japanese through the adventures of a group of travelers new to Japan. Each episode is 10 minutes long.

It was filmed in 2012 and 2013 with 50 episodes currently. It is based off of Mikiko Iwasaki's Systematic Japanese learning program.


Amy and Kathy are two girls from Singapore who have just arrived in Japan. At Haneda Airport, they meet up with Cedric who will serve as their tour guide for the majority of their trip. During their trip, the trio (and in the later episodes, duo) will explore the various areas of Japan and see and experience many things all while learning and putting their Japanese skills to use.

During key moments in the episode, a cartoon character named Ai and her assisant, an egg named Ueo, will appear onscreen and explain important vocabulary and notes.


  • Josh Keller - Narrator
  • Amy Ota - Amy
  • Akane Nakajima - Kathy
  • Cedric Watine - Cedric

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