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This is the information center for NHK World, the international broadcast service of the Japanese network NHK. NHK World runs programming intended to educate international viewers in Japanese culture, language, and history.

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Cool Japan (also stylized COOL JAPAN) is a show on NHK World, focusing on Japanese culture as viewed by people from other parts of the world. Episodes revolve around a panel of people from different parts of the world discussing different aspects of Japanese culture, and how they differ from their respective homelands.

Tokyo eye

Tokyo Eye is a program on NHK World that showcases the latest trends, hidden attractions and events in and around Tokyo.

It is hosted by Chris Peppler and has foreign guest on the show acting as reporters, exploring events, fashion trends and areas that many people visiting or living in Tokyo may not know about.

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Imagine-nation is a show on NHK World that focuses on Japanese pop culture, specifically anime, manga and video games. Each episode showcases the latest and hottest in the world of Japanese pop culture.

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NHK WORLD 30 sec promo March 2013 - WORLD version

NHK WORLD 30 sec promo March 2013 - WORLD version