Sense of Japan is a former NHK World program.
Sense of japan
The progam ran for five minutes per episode and centered around Japanese culture and customs.

Originally slated for just one season, it developed a cult following and was followed up with a second season, bringing the total number to 45 episodes.


The show revolves around Andy, a young American who has traveled to Japan for the first time. He is surprised at the manners and customs displayed by the Japanese people. He is staying at the Osaho (etiquette) Dojo with Master Gary and his daughter, Koyuki. 

Every episode begins with Andy doing a typical everyday activity, such as eating or taking a walk with Koyuki. Then, he is surprised when he observes something that he isn't familar with, such as finding a squat toilet in the bathroom, chopstick etiquette or taxis with automatic opening doors. He then returns to the Osaho Dojo and explains the situation to Master Gary and Koyuki, who proceed to explain to him that what he saw is normal in Japan and further explains its usage. At the end, Andy returns to his room, and writes a summary of what he has learned that day in his notebook.


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