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Your Japanese Kitchen is a cooking program on NHK World, hosted by Harumi Kurihara. Its purpose is to teach viewers on how to make homestyle Japanese cuisine.

It is filimed in her home kitchen in Tokyo, where she is assisted by one of two alternating co-host (George Williams and Daniel Kahl) and a foreign born guest living in Japan who is eagar to learn more about Japanese cuisine from her.

In its current season, it has been renamed to "Your Japanese Kitchen mini", changing the episode format to only 5 minutes by taking episodes from previous seasons and cutting out most of the dialouge between the hosts and foreign guests, reserving most of the program time for the main recipe.

The show has created a spin-off special called Harumi's Family Cooking, which uses a similar format, but focusing more on teaching parents and kids to cook together, while also exploring various regions of Japan.


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